In the Steps of Quarry men

A Photographic Exploration of Trowbarrow Quarry

In this photography project I intend to document Trowbarrow Quarry focusing on the landscape through the seasons and people who come to enjoy, play and relax in it during their leisure time. This is in marked contrast to the Quarrymen who spent their time at the quarry in hard and often dangerous toil.

I have always had a strong spiritual connection with the fells, rock, crags and quarries of north Lancashire and Cumbria. The quarry was the scene of some of my early climbing experiences and so holds particular memories for me. I have a fascination with the industrial history that has shaped the wild areas that contrasts with the modern day use for our enjoyment and leisure.

I would like to discover how other walkers, climbers and bikes relate to Trowbarrow quarry and the local fells and use my finding to create a body of work that can be exhibited and begins to explore spirituality in relation to the outdoors

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